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Pest Management Industry Leader

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PCS offers products designed to protect our clients:

Reputation and brand
Employees, visitors, and consumers of our clients' prodcuts and services, and health and safety
Business alliances and contracts

Industry Leaders

Since our beginning in 1904, PCS has historically employed pioneers and leaders within the pest management industry. We are active in the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and other state associations. PCS technical staff has helped spearhead the development of laws, regulations, and industry standards with the needs and concerns of our clients in mind.



PCS guarantees that we will meet or exceed your expectations by providing the correct resources, technology, and innovative pest management methods to deliver bottom line results to your company.

As a PCS client you are entitled to the following rights:

  • To be treated fairly and with respect at all times
  • To have your questions answered in an honest, straight-forward manner
  • To have your expectations met or exceeded
  • To have full access to customer service
  • To have any issues of concern responsibly addressed in a timely manner