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PCS can provide free pest control consulting services prior to recommending a variety of pest control supplies.   As a result, PCS reviews your pest situation, identifies the problems and provides solutions based on many years of proven experience and professionalism.   Not everyone makes it as a PCS pest consultant with us as we strive to retain only the best!

PCS retains a full-time technical director on staff to provide current information and technical support.   As a result, PCS provides pest control products that are targeted to total elimination of pests.   In addition we retain a full-time training director to meet our clients' needs.   Regularly scheduled sessions meet the needs of top pest management professionals.

What about the first timer?

PCS provides every service required by a first-time user of PCS products to reach maximum effectiveness in applications of pest control products.

State-certified training seminars

PCS offers state-certified training seminars for yourself and members of your staff.   These seminars provide highly-advanced data relative to pest control products and their most effective applications.


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