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PCS can provide free pest control consulting services prior to recommending a variety of pest control supplies. As a result, PCS reviews your pest situation, identifies the problems and provides solutions based on many years of proven experience and professionalism. Not everyone makes it as a PCS pest consultant with us as we strive to retain only the best!

PCS retains a full-time technical director on staff to provide current information and technical support. As a result, PCS provides pest control products that are targeted to total elimination of pests. In addition, we retain a full-time training director to meet our clients' needs. Regularly scheduled sessions meet the needs of top pest management professionals.

What about the first timer?

PCS provides every service required by a first-time user of PCS products to reach maximum effectiveness in applications of pest control products.

State-Certified Training Seminars

PCS offers training courses that meet health department requirements including the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago. Attendees may apply for Illinois and Chicago certification after completing the required 15 hours of food safety training and successfully completing the examination. A one day training course is also offered that meets the five year recertification requirements for Illinois and Chicago. Customized training is available for groups of ten or more.

Special Order Items

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  • Returns are allowed on unused equipment
  • There is a 12% restocking fee plus return shipping

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  • There is a 12% restocking fee plus return shipping

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