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About Us

Since its founding in 1904, PCS has offered the best and widest range of proactive solutions to the pest management industry. From its beginnings as a manufacturer and distributor of sheep and cattle dips for use in the Chicago stockyards, through its gradual expansion into the sale of rodenticides and insecticides, PCS continues to meet and exceed your expectations by providing the right resources, technology, and innovative pest management products to deliver bottom line results to your company.

PCS is truly a client-driven organization.   We are driven by two fundamental account business values:

  • Everything we do is aimed at exceeding our customer's expectations – always.

  • We are a family-owned organization.   Rather than focusing on dividends for public stockholders, PCS interests lie with increasing our clients' profitability and reducing risk.

What that means for you and your business is that you can depend on PCS to supply your company with cutting-edge pest management products and tools.

Technical Support

PCS technical staff is comprised of knowledgeable individuals in the disciplines of entomology, wildlife biology, food safety, and ornamental and turf management.   Members have served on the boards of various state and national pest management associations and trade organizations, and have over 150 years of combined pest management experience. The PCS technical staff utilizes their extensive industry knowledge in all facets of client services.  

Environmental Statement

At PCS our strategy is to implement environmental management practices that enhance both ecology and efficiency.   We take our cues from nature not only in the design of our pest management programs, but also in our corporate philosophy.   As a result, we approach solving pest management issues within the context of the natural ecology by exploring and implementing innovative alternatives to traditional pesticides.

In order to protect the health and safety of our clients, their employees and customers, and the integrity of our clients' brands, PCS strives to lessen the negative impact on the environment arising from our business activities and to encourage an ecological mindset within our staff.   We emphasize the need for our people to wisely use resources by training them in proper use and disposal of environmentally sensitive materials, in conjunction with minimizing the overall use of these materials in our operations, giving equal consideration to the material's impact on:

  • The safety of the people effected by it
  • Efficacy
  • The environment

PCS assures leadership in environmental care by operating in compliance with applicable safety and environmental regulations and laws, and by exceeding regulatory requirements in both degree and timing wherever possible.

We respect the earth on which we are all dependent.   We value our society, the communities where our customers and employees live, and of course, we value the quality of the world which future generations will inherit.

State-Certified Training Seminars

PCS offers training courses that meet health department requirements including the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago.   Attendees may apply for Illinois and Chicago certification after completing the required 15 hours of food safety training and successfully completing the examination.   A one day training course is also offered that meets the five year recertification requirements for Illinois and Chicago.   Customized training is available for groups of ten or more.

Inventory and Same Day shipment

In most cases orders are shipped on the same day received.   Our inventory is maintained at peak efficiency and quantity of product for exceptionally fast turnaround.


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